British Berkefeld 12L filter – 2 ULTRASterasyl cartridges

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Pure water at your fingertips! Our 6L, 8.5L and 12L models use UltraSterasyl filtration technology to remove impurities, bacteria and heavy metals from the water, providing pure, healthy water.

Ideal for travel, camping, emergency situations and areas without access to a clean water source.

With certifications, our filters are made in England for exceptional quality and performance.

Order now and enjoy pure water with ease !

- Dimensions: Model 12L H 58 cm Æ 24 cm in use

- Filtration cartridges: Ultra Sterasyl Lifespan 1500 liters or 6 to 12 months

- Filtered water output: 1.7 L/h with 2 cartridges or 3.4 L/h with 4 cartridges

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