Masaru Emoto is a Japanese researcher who became interested in water and its ability to store information. He conducted experiments to explore the effects of music, words and thoughts on the molecular structure of water.
Emoto found that water exposed to positive vibrations, such as loving thoughts, words of gratitude, and soft music, created clear, harmonious water crystal patterns when frozen. On the other hand, water exposed to negative vibrations, such as hateful thoughts or words and discordant music, created dark, chaotic water crystal patterns.
These results were published in his book "The Hidden Messages in Water", which aroused great interest among readers around the world. Emoto has since continued his work and published other books on the subject.
Although his work has been criticized by some scientists for lacking scientific rigor, Emoto nonetheless sparked a great interest in water and its untapped potential. His work has also encouraged people to reflect on the impact of their environment and their thoughts on their health and well-being.